What is a college admissions consultant?
A college admissions consultant is a trained professional who works with students to help them throughout the college exploration and application process.


Why should a student work with a college admissions consultant?
Students need sufficient time, guidance, and expertise to find their best college fit and high school counselors are frequently too overburdened to provide this. Parents need to be confident that their son or daughter has chosen a college where they will be comfortable and can excel, increasing the likelihood that the enormous financial commitment college requires will be money well spent.


When should a student start working with a college admissions consultant?
For some, meeting a few times during the student’s ninth and tenth grade years can help with understanding and staying on track with the college search and application process. For many others, the best time to begin is prior to or early in the student’s eleventh grade year. This allows the student to engage in the process without the stress of tight deadlines, schoolwork, and extracurricular activities. It will also allow plenty of time to prepare for the ACT/SAT, identify best fit schools, and plan college visits prior to senior year.


Does Ariav work with people who are applying for programs other than college admissions?
Yes, Ian provides services–particularly essay conceptualization, development, and editing–that can help students seeking admission into private or selective enrollment public high schools, internships, graduate schools, and post-graduate programs, such as the Peace Corps or Teach For America.


Does Ariav provide a free consultation?
Yes, a free half-hour initial consultation is available to learn more about the services Ian provides.


Does Ariav provide writing tutoring?
Yes, Ian tutors students middle-school-age and older in all aspects of writing, including research, organization, topic/theme/idea development, and mechanics.


Does Ariav work with people outside of the Chicago area?
Yes, Ian works with students throughout the United States and internationally. Meetings can take place in person at the Ariav office, or remotely, via FaceTime, Skype, and email.


What makes Ariav the right choice for a student exploring a college future?
Ariav founder Ian Friedman has more than twenty-five years experience in education as a teacher, writer, and college admissions consultant. This background has given Ian unique abilities to communicate with students, to offer skilled guidance about crafting and editing personal statements, and to provide best practices, updated knowledge, and strong support for students and their families.


What is the meaning of the word “Ariav?”
Ariav (pronounced: ah-ree-ahv) is the Hebrew word for “son of a lion.” It is a tribute to Ian’s dad, who is a wonderful father and a great man.


What does the Ariav motto, “Lumbre, Tierra,” mean?
‘Lumbre’ and ‘Tierra’ are the Spanish words for ‘Light’ and ‘Land.’ Pedro Izquierdo, a sailor on one of Christopher Columbus’s ships, reportedly said them when their crew first spotted the Americas. These words convey the spirit of excitement and security that is inherent in the concept of a hopeful future.