From Parents


“We really appreciate all that you have done for him. He felt so successful during this process (even when he wasn’t accepted everywhere) and that made a huge difference.”


“I can’t imagine going through the application process without having your help. Our house would have been much different!”


“We are so grateful for all of the help, support, and encouragement you extended to our son these past two years. You played a major role in him achieving his dream and we are incredibly thankful for that assistance.”


“Thank you for all you did to make my daughter feel confident and relaxed through this process. …She wouldn’t be where she is without your guidance. Your school choices were absolutely perfect and your essay support and responsiveness was tremendous.”


“Having you get to know our son, listen to him, and help him shape his ideas was absolutely critical in allowing his voice to be heard….Thank you, Ian, we are truly grateful.”


“I am so glad my daughter was able to work with you. You took the fear out of the process and enabled her to start thinking about college and going forward with all she needed to do. We are so appreciative and will see you in a couple of years with daughter #2!”


“Ian’s patience, professionalism, and high level of experience helped my daughter manage this incredibly stressful process. Their collaboration made everything so much easier and gave her confidence to own her accomplishments and tell her unique story…In my opinion, that’s worth every penny.”


“I have some great news…our son exceeded your timeline and completed all his applications! You inspired him to add to his assortment of schools…He got motivated and on track with you and completed everything on his own. So glad to know these services are available.”


“Ian’s navigation of the entire college application process was essential for us. His personal approach …and how he worked with our son’s busy schedule helped our son create a list of potential colleges and completed essays prior to his senior year. In the end, Ian was a vital part of the team that helped our son gain admission to his top choice school.”


“[Our son] got accepted today at his total #1 choice. It’s a significant achievement for him, given his past struggles. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you; hearing about you was a lucky day for us.”


“Your assistance kept her on track and me out of her hair! She is very excited about college and we are too.”


“Outsourcing this process has been the best possible use of resources, so I can just enjoy being his mom in the remaining time that he is home full-time. Thanks for keeping him on track; I’m excited for your work with our daughter!”


“This whole process was nearly painless for me, because I knew she really liked working with you and would meet her deadlines for you. Worth every penny!”


“Thanks for always being so responsive to all of our questions.  We couldn’t have picked a better partner in this process!”


“Thank you again for your willingness to sit with them in a way that they never would have let me…a very different dynamic.” 


“We are so thankful that you could work with our son over the past couple of years.  He learned so many skills from you – all of them certainly helped him with his college search and college prep.”


“Thanks again for everything…I don’t know what we would have done had not learned about your services.”

From Students


[“I am] very grateful for everything you have done for me from test prep to essay help. … I greatly appreciated your calm approach and constant positivity during a stressful time.”


“I could not be more excited for college and that is directly related to the preparation we did together. This process would have been so much more without you.”


“Thank you for making the college application process a million times easier!”


“I’d like to thank you sincerely for all of your assistance in getting me through the college admission and preparation process. It was a lot of work and I would not have been able to do it without you.”


“I just got into my number one choice and will be going there next year! Thought of you as one of the first people I wanted to tell. Thanks again for everything!”


“At the start of my senior year of high school, it seemed as if all my friends had spent the entire summer figuring out the entire college application process, when I still didn’t even understand what a Common Application was. But Ian helped me not only to realize how to apply to college, but to understand my strengths in a way that let me feel good about showing them to an admissions officer.”


“Ian made the stressful process of applying to college easy and very manageable. I left my sessions with him excited to go write the essays … He was able to pull ideas out of me I could have never come up with without his help and I turned those ideas into essays I was very proud of…I could not have been happier with the essays…”


“Throughout my time with Ian, I not only learned how to better approach my college essays, but I was also able to apply my newfound knowledge to schoolwork and other aspects of my life. Having an accomplished mentor oversee my college process relieved so much stress and allowed me to submit the best applications possible.”


“On Friday I was accepted to my dream school, Stanford University…thank you so much for all the help you provided me along the way.”


“Just wanted to text you to let you know I was accepted at WashU! Huge surprise…thank you so much for all your help and guidance!”


“Thank you for working with me through the whole application process. Your help and input made everything (especially the essays) much less daunting and I really enjoyed our meetings.”


“Ian’s guidance while I was applying to college helped me meet deadlines for my college essays and explore other colleges that would fit me. Being able to work with Ian gave me confidence to explore my life experiences and write meaningfully about them. Ian’s experience and knowledge in college counseling alleviated a lot of stress for me and my parents and we are very grateful for the help. Thanks, Ian!”


“Thanks to Ian, I was able to get into my top school in addition to every single college I applied to. His feedback was vital to my application process and I was able to write compelling and informative essays that really grabbed my college’s attention. He turned a turbulent and nerve-wracking time into something much more manageable and satisfying. I cannot be happier with my results.”